Promotional images of the Goudveer F1 portable coffee grinder.

Goudveer F1: a portable electric coffee grinder

Welcome to the second episode of our “Reaction” series! We are focusing on innovative products that are seeking crowdfunding. Our goal is to provide an informed opinion based on the available information. We do not claim to be completely impartial, but we try to highlight both the positive and negative aspects of the product presented. Today, we’re exploring the fascinating world of coffee and crowdfunding. Perhaps we’ll discover the product that will revolutionize the way you prepare it. Leveraging my expertise gained from my former blog, I will present a new project on Kickstarter: the Goudveer F1.

Features of the Goudveer F1

The Goudveer F1 is an innovative coffee grinder that combines the benefits of a manual grinder and an electric grinder. Thanks to its compact size and rechargeable battery, it can be taken anywhere to enjoy freshly ground coffee. Here are some of its key features:

  • 48 mm Conical Burrs: They are made of 420 stainless steel, offering good longevity.
  • Micrometric Adjustment: The grind setting is located at the base of the grinder, near the burrs. It offers 100 levels of precision, with a difference of 18 microns (0.018 mm) between each level. Thus, you can choose the fineness of your coffee according to your preferences and preparation method.
  • Minimal Retention: The design of the Goudveer F1 is inspired by manual grinders, which minimizes coffee retention.
  • Battery-Powered (or Hand-Cranked) Mill: The Goudveer F1 operates on battery power, providing great autonomy. According to the manufacturer, a full charge can perform between 35 and 50 grinds. The grinder is easily rechargeable with the provided USB Type-C cable.
  • Auto-Stop: An intelligent protection system equips the grinder and detects the resistance of coffee beans. The grinder automatically stops if the beans resist too much, to prevent damage to the burrs.

Design and Durability

The Goudveer F1 has a modern and elegant design, demonstrating attention to detail in the choice of materials and overall design of the grinder. It combines the advantages of a manual grinder and an electric grinder, giving it great versatility.

However, at Coffeegeek, we have some reservations about the battery operation of the grinder. While it offers appreciable freedom of movement, it also raises questions about the long-term performance of the battery-powered motor.

Indeed, the use of batteries has a significant environmental impact, and they tend to degrade with repeated charging cycles. Fortunately, the grinder can still be used manually if needed.

Promotional images of the Goudveer F1 portable coffee grinder.

Another aspect that concerns us at Coffeegeek is the placement of the adjustment system. In our experience, manual grinders that adjust from the top (like the KINGrinder) are more precise than those that adjust from the bottom. Therefore, we fear that the Goudveer F1 may be somewhat limited for espresso, as we had concluded for the C40. But this is a supposition, and we will have to wait for user feedback when the first units are delivered.

But Wait… (Update)

One thing that surprised me on the Kickstarter project is the presence of this photo:

The photo presented by the Kickstarter project authors to prove that their grinder, the Goudveer F1, does not cause channeling is actually a photo of channeling. A credit in the upper right corner indicates the source of the image and links to an article on “” explaining what channeling is. However, this article does not seem to relate to the Kickstarter coffee grinder.

Therefore, this photo could suggest that the project authors are not sufficiently informed about the topic they are presenting.

Availability and Price

The backing price for the Goudveer F1 on Kickstarter seems quite reasonable. Indeed, for $99, you can acquire a hybrid grinder that offers great flexibility of use. However, once the grinder is officially on the market, its price will increase to $199, which will place it in competition with many more precise manual grinders. Therefore, it will be necessary to weigh the pros and cons between the convenience of the electric mode and the quality of the grind.


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