Timemore Chestnut X review: a prenium coffee grinder

Whether it was Thomas or myself, we both had the Timemore Chestnut C/C2 and Chestnut NANO. The X model is the brand’s most high-end grinder. In this article we will look at its features and innovations.

Sober, elegant and resolutely modern

When you purchase the Timemore Chestnut X, you receive a product carefully packaged in a box, protected by dense foam. In addition to the grinder itself, you also get a small cleaning brush, a small storage bag and instructions for use. Everything is planned to offer you a complete experience. The general design of the mill is sober, elegant and resolutely modern. Its slightly square shape offers an ergonomic grip for comfortable use. Every detail has been thought of to offer you a pleasant and intuitive experience.

What immediately sets the Timemore Chestnut X apart is its one-piece aluminum construction, precision-cut by a CNC machine. Unlike other grinders like the El Commandante C40 or the Kinu M47 Phoenix, the Chestnut X has no plastic parts. This robust design guarantees exceptional durability, making the Timemore a reliable and long-lasting choice.

Limited color choice

The mill is available in black and dark green. It’s worth noting that the green version is a limited edition, making it a limited choice for coffee lovers. We had the chance to test them both, and personally, we were won over. If you are interested in the green version, we advise you to turn to Aliexpress without delay.

The crank handle is also of premium quality. Mounted on a ball bearing, it offers a comfortable and precise grip. Additionally, the crank is retractable, which is a practical innovation when you have limited space. Its movement is fluid and free of play, which greatly improves the efficiency of the mill. It can be removed and comes with a metal cap, unlike some competitors that use plastic lids. This attention to detail is a testament to the quality and attention paid to each element of the Timemore Chestnut X.

Timemore is full of innovation

In addition to the foldable crank system, also patented, Timemore takes advantage of its high-end mill to stock up on innovations.

A double adjustment wheel for precision

We start with adjusting the fineness of the grind. On the Timemore Chestnut X is done using a double dial located inside. This double adjustment system offers 5 additional levels of adjustment per notch of the main dial, allowing extremely precise grinding. With the secondary dial, the mill offers a total of 120 levels of adjustment. Each macro-adjustment separates the grinding wheels by 80 microns when the micro-adjustments are 15 microns. No doubt you will find the ideal setting for your coffee. 

Compared to other grinders that adjust from below, the Timemore offers more precise and reliable adjustment. For example, the El Commandante C40 had to offer as an option a more precise adjustment wheel than the original one, the “Red clix” (for an additional $30).

Patented “Spike-to-Cut” grinding wheels

Another element to benefit from the brand’s care: these are the grindstones. The Timemore Chestnut According to Timemore, “Spike-to-Cut” (abbreviated S2C) cuts coffee beans before grinding them, which they say improves the quality of the grind. Although it is impossible at our level and without tools to confirm this statement, the fact remains that the grind produced by the Chestnut X is of high quality and allows us to prepare excellent espressos.

A practical reservoir

On the other hand, its tank, always in anodized aluminum, facilitates the flow of ground coffee towards the filter holder during transfer thanks to a small ramp which does not block the coffee. Its screwing system is also unique. A quarter turn is enough to lock the receptacle in alignment with the body of the mill. This avoids any risk of accidental unscrewing during use. Another detail was noted by Thomas during his test: the relatively light weight of the tank. However, this does not affect the stability of the mill, which remains well balanced. The Timemore is more stable than the Kinu M47 Phoenix, which has a plastic tank.

Half-hearted use

The Chestnut X is therefore a high quality mill full of innovations. Unfortunately its use is half-hearted. It turns out to be a little slow, the fault of its 42 mm grinding wheel, which is a little small for a manual mill. In fact, to grind 16g of coffee, it takes around 1 to 1 minute 20 minutes. It is therefore no match for grinders with a 48mm burr like the Kingrinder K4 and K6 or the 1zpresso J-Max. However, this design offers a significant advantage: it requires less force to hold it in place during use. Unlike the Apollo for example, the Timemore does not slip from the hands and requires little force to grind, even fine.

On the disassembly side, it is similar to that of the BPlus Apollo. It is easy to access the inside of the grinder for cleaning. Offering absolute adjustment, it is very easy to return to its previous setting, which facilitates maintenance and daily use of the mill. You can use this Timemore Chesntut X disassembly video to help you find your way.


In conclusion , the Timemore Chestnut X is a manual coffee grinder that benefits from an innovative high-end design. Its elegant design, its durable aluminum construction, its precise and absolute adjustment as well as the quality of the grind produced make it an ideal choice for demanding coffee lovers. Whether you prepare espresso or other types of coffee, the Timemore Chestnut X will meet your expectations. 

However, it suffers from its slightly undersized wheel for espresso. You will need to have a little patience to grind finely. If you’re looking for a premium manual coffee grinder with an innovative design, the Timemore Chestnut X is a great choice. Alternatives from 1zpresso and Kingrinder will nevertheless perform just as well without completely sacrificing durability. We therefore wonder about its relevance and its price ($285 at Amazon) on the manual coffee grinder market in 2023.


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